Our fabulous bands and acts will be here to entertain you again throughout 2018. Vibrant nights full of laughter, great food, drink and some fantastic music  - what more could you ask for on a Thursday evening?

Throughout the year, these  exceptional musical acts will be strutting their stuff and making Boboli really swing.

Blue Skies in June.JPG


Blue Skies in June are a fantastic 4 piece band who made their debut at the Boboli Beer Festival last year, and we are delighted to welcome them as a regular act for our music nights!

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James Condon pic.jpg


James will entertain you with his "Ed Sheeran" style of songs for a mellow evening of entertainment while you dine.

Do join us if you fancy an evening of great food and good music!

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Lex Icon pic.jpg


Following on from his recent tours with Dr Hook and the Commodores, the inimitable Wayne will be at Boboli to entertain you with an evening of 40's swing and blues, mixed up with some contemporary music for an altogether "East Like Sunday Evening" mood.

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Georgia is an accomplished and fantastic performer and her covers of classic songs range from the 1960's to the present!

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Daniel Giardiello

Daniel Giardiello is an engaging and wholehearted singer/acoustic guitarist who covers a range of music from 60's Rock n' Roll foot tappers through to modern day classics. With over 15 years of experience playing in pubs, private functions and festivals across Leicestershire, Daniel offers something for everyone.

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