Romance in the city, an ode to Firenze.

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Firenze . . . or Florence . . . The city of romance, or at least it was for us.  

In 1988 Lino and I just happened to land in the same city, working in the same restaurant - Ristorante Enoteca Pinchiorri! Google it, it’s something else, and certainly worthy of their three Michelin stars, and probably requires something of a second mortgage to dine there.

I guess it gives an inkling as to where Lino and I started, and our aspirations to do what we do here in Kibworth with a little extra style and a bit of a leaning towards excellence. 

When we started out, we sought to bring quality and something really special to what we did, whilst still remaining approachable.  In Firenze we were thought to be reaching for those Michelin stars, but really all we were doing was what we loved.

Boboli Place Mat.jpg

The Boboli Gardens in Kibworth (not the real ones in Firenze) kicked off in 2007 and brought the opportunity to present a more casual affair while still holding on to the standards on which we have built our reputation.  Homemade pizza dough, made fresh every morning in the Boboli kitchens, and all dishes made from scratch with the best ingredients we can lay our hands on.

Lighthouse Head Chef Lino and Sarah Poli.jpg

By 2013, it was time for something completely different, so we set sail and launched The Lighthouse. 

Lino’s first job was in Bordighera on the Ligurian coastline and he has always had a passion for the preparation and cooking of seafood, so when it was time for a change a seafood restaurant seemed like a good choice.

Once again, we endeavour to set our standards high and yet accessible to all.  Fish and Chips on one table, Lobster Spaghetti on the next!!!  What could be better!

But, as we reflect on 20 years in The Kibworths, we remember it all started in Firenze in 1988, with a look across a hot kitchen, with a kiss, and as we celebrate 20 years in Kibworth, we still hold Firenze close in our hearts.

Ciao for now!

 Sarah x



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